Our Services

We also specialize in other settings view all of our areas of expertise here:

- Adult Speech Therapy

Adult Speech Therapy is a specialized service dedicated to helping adults improve their communication abilities, overcome speech and language disorders, and regain confidence in their verbal interactions.

- Family Education

Family education in a speech therapy context refers to the process of training and informing family members about a loved one’s speech disorder, equipping them with strategies to support and facilitate the individual’s communication improvement at home.

- Coaching For Parents and Caregivers

Coaching for Parents and Caregivers is a tailored program that empowers them with knowledge, strategies, and techniques to eectively support and enhance their child’s or dependent’s speech and language development at home.

- Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy is a specialized service focused on diagnosing and treating speech and language disorders in children, aiming to improve their communication skills and overall quality of life.

- Screenings and Evaluations

Speech Therapy Screenings and Evaluations are comprehensive assessments conducted by speechlanguage pathologists to identify, diagnose, and plan treatment for various speech, language, voice, and swallowing disorders.

- Speech Teletherapy

Speech Teletherapy, also known as telepractice, is the delivery of speech and language therapy services via digital platforms, allowing individuals to receive treatment remotely, often from the comfort of their own home.

Adult Specialties

– Neurological Disorders
– Voice Disorders
– Transgender Voice Therapy
– Motor Speech Disorders
– Dysphagia

Pediatric Specialties

– Autism Spectrum Disorder
– Speech Sound Disorder
– Expressive and Receptive Language Disorder
– Developmental Disabilities and Diagnoses
– Learning Disabilities and Impairments
– Early Intervention
– Fluency Disorders
– Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
– Pediatric Feeding