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Partnering with KMA makes SLP staffing a breeze.

SLP Inquiry

Simply fill out a brief form detailing your requirements and arrange a call with us. We'll promptly start gathering our elite SLPs to meet your needs.

Candidate Presentation

Get acquainted with your specially selected candidates, meticulously picked to align with your program's objectives and requirements.

Commencement of Services

The journey commences. With a reliable SLP and the comprehensive support of KMA, your students are assured of top-tier, compliant speech therapy services.


KMA proudly provides teletherapy services in almost all instances. Additionally, we take it upon ourselves to assess whether certain students might derive greater benefits from face-to-face sessions, ensuring that every individual receives the most effective form of therapy.

By choosing to partner with KMA, you gain a reliable ally that steps in to fill your vacant SLP roles precisely when you require it. This ensures continuity in service delivery and helps maintain the quality of care for which your institution is known.

Yes, our operations span across all 50 states, ensuring your district has access to top-notch SLP services no matter where you’re located.

Certainly! Partnering with KMA is indeed cost-effective. We collaborate with school districts from diverse economic backgrounds, both rural and urban. Our pricing structure is straightforward, based on an hourly rate, and we’re dedicated to building enduring relationships by offering rates that respect your budget.

We understand that schools may have a preference, and we do our best to provide an in-person SLP. However, teletherapy options can often be arranged more quickly, as they can operate from anywhere in the US.

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