Our Founder

"We strive to catalyze growth, spark change, and set new benchmarks in school-based speech therapy services.

At KMA, our mission transcends merely filling positions."

Kristin Alfred M.S., CCC-SLP,

is a seasoned practitioner and a trailblazer in devising school-based intervention strategies for diverse populations. She, along with her dedicated team, is committed to bolstering your district with exceptional SLPs. These professionals will not only blend seamlessly into your program but also propel it to unprecedented heights. With KMA, you’re not just hiring staff, you’re embracing a partnership that will redefine the future of speech therapy in your district.

Filling a vacant SLP position can be challenging

Unlock the potential of your students by providing them with the vital speech therapy services they require. However, the current shortage of direct hires poses a significant challenge. Time is of the essence, and we understand the urgency to find a skilled professional who can make an immediate impact. Let us work together to ensure your students receive the support they need without any delay.